We are a small and flexible structure and we wish to remain precisely that. We are in close contact with our clients and personally involved with our projects.


We undertake projects from the first line drawn on a blank piece of paper all the way to handing over the keys, including construction, coordination, orders and crews. We take full responsibility for the project so that you can rest assured.


Even though we are a small team, we belong to a broader network of regular collaborators from different disciplines and skills, which allows us to shift our dynamics depending on the requirements of each project.


We have diverse backgrounds, concerns and interests and we insist on creating narratives with everything that inspires us, be it within or outside the boundaries of architecture. We are always looking for a balance between our experiences from abroad and our love for the Greek element.

S M L (XL)

Our designs range from furniture and interior spaces to buildings and town squares, discovering unique charms and challenges in each scale.


We wish to be “emergency architects” in the sense that we are not interested in working in ideal conditions. Constraints of space, time, cost or other excite us and push us further. We see boundaries as challenges and contemporary circumstances as opportunities for growth.



We pay attention to the clients’ and sites’ needs and we graft them on to inspiration images and imaginary references in order to produce unexpected idioms and narratives. We don’t reproduce a particular style, but we persist on the requirements of each project until we’ve reached that magical moment when all the pieces fall into place and look like they’ve always been there.


We undertake building permits, the back and forth with administrations and all kinds of “necessary evils” that a construction entails. We have working knowledge of the legislation, the procedures and the building code as well as the ability to operate within these outlines in order to shape our ideas.


Having experienced this in many cases, we firmly believe that in order to realize a project of good quality of any size, a building permit is not enough. Therefore, before going on site we provide construction drawings that include details at various scales, assemblies, materials, specifications, sanitary ware, fixtures, lighting, furniture suggestions etc. We leave nothing to chance.


We prepare an accurate and tight budget that includes all stages of construction, building crews, materials, contingencies (there always are) to which we and the clients, as well as the suppliers and workers, are committed. That way the cost is under control and unpleasant surprises and delays are avoided.


We communicate with all involved parties and fully supervise the construction, ensuring that ideas go from paper to site unscathed. Tight planning saves time, money and energy. We operate with perseverance and responsibility until we hand you over the keys and later we stand by you for anything else you might need.


When we decided to replace our former pergola, we had two concerns in mind: First, that our plants be able to climb without crowding and to develop “normally” and secondly, that the pergola does not block the view towards the Acropolis and Ymittos Hill. We managed to achieve both of those thanks to the two lovely architects who understood our two passions from the start: Our plants and broad horizons. After drinking many coffees together and discussing relevant and irrelevant topics, they came up with this design that was in complete accordance with our taste, which is rare for clients and architects. Everything was done with creativity, responsibility and punctuality in terms of the timeframe. Many thanks Elena and Katerina, our flowers and we think about you every day!
Yannis & Eleni
Our collaboration with MoY on various public space projects in Monemvasia was extraordinary. Their good communication skills and the commitment which they showed regarding the brief were rare and absolutely decisive in terms of the development of the projects. The high quality, the originality and the richness of their proposals were beyond our expectations.
Georgios Vounelakis, Municipal Representative in charge of Public Works in Monemvasia
The project that MoY began with seemed to have a lot of limitations, not least that the space was very small and the budget very tight. The brief was simple but tough: to transform a tiny unrentable rooftop room in to a space people would be happy to rent for short periods of time. I'm happy to say that after six months of invariably positive feedback, they succeeded. MoY were able to find concepts and ultimately the solutions that transformed it into a beautiful and practical space that has left a positive impression on everyone who has stayed there. Οften guests have complimented us on the room's design, which really maximised its potential both in terms of aesthetics - the room feels light, open and not at all cramped, and practically, in that they carefully designed the storage and living spaces, so as to maximise both. During the short construction they were invariably respectful but also very effective when dealing with neighbours and planning authorities. MoY studio were able to take a project with a very tight budget and finish it near the limits of what we had agreed, with an original working design that has stood the test of time. I'm glad we trusted MoY and have often recommended them to friends and family.
Leonidas Liambeys, filmmaker
MoY has designed two apartments for my family with absolute success. The spaces are in tune with their time, user friendly and well integrated in their context. They follow a distinct modern form without mannerisms as well as a clear identity. Moy’s drawings are inspired, elegant and delicate.

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