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Elena studied Art History, French, Italian and Linguistics in Middlebury College, in Vermont and in Nanterre-Paris X. One day she closed her books and following a dream she went to London to study architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture and at the Cooper Union in New York. She has worked extensively in architectural practices in Paris, Berlin and Athens with an involvement in multiple projects varying in scale and use. She was a partner at the office decaARCHITECTURE for seven years, gaining international distinctions and prizes. She has lectured, taught and appeared in television architectural programs. Even though she does not drive, she uses fiction as a vehicle for the production of spaces, landscapes, images, and texts.



Katerina studied Architecture in Athens (NTUA), Landscape Architecture in Bordeaux and Urban Design in Paris, at the Marne la Valée and at the Paris 8 University. For the past ten years she has worked in various architectural practices being involved in all stages from design concept and permit to construction and site supervision in high quality projects and has received distinctions in international competitions for her work with Benoît Durandin. She is always torn between her love of theory and research interests on cities, public spaces and the human mobility on the one hand and her innate attraction to construction sites and cartesian logic on the other.

Thanks: Website development: Christos Nasikas, Design consultants: roleplay, Translations: Alkyoni Tsegou, Benoît Durandin

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