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    Living and dining room
  • moystudio
    Dining room and kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Bedroom
  • WC
  • Shower room
  • During construction and after: the living room
  • During construction and after: the dining room and kitchen
  • During construction
  • During construction
  • Before after: the plan of the apartment
  • Construction details

Atzardo: a risky act, bold, courageous: «I will do an atzardo no matter what happens» Dictionary of the Lefkada island idiom (Pantazis Kontomihis)

In this project, “atzardo” is a leap we took hand in hand with our client from Cephalonia in order to propose and create a new living experience in an apartment without any evident qualities. Very small, smaller than 40m2, lacking any view and with barely enough daylight, the apartment was divided into a series of small rooms lined with a dark corridor, where five doors opened. It was generally left in a worn out, decrepit state.

We imagined the space as a “tabula rasa” where all uses were rearranged with the aim to provide primarily a sense of spaciousness as well as a maximization of sleeping and storage spaces. Walls were demolished, old floors were torn out and everything was built new.

Upon entering, one can see the whole apartment from side to side without any obstructions while the new floor material, cement tiles with a geometric pattern, serves as a unifying carpet which sets the color tone. All amenities and built-in furniture, sofa, bed, bookshelves, closets, kitchen and various small storage spaces, are constructed with white lacquered wood and placed against the walls in order to leave the central space free for circulation without any obstacles. The only closed spaces which protrude, the wc and a particularly spacious shower room, actually help the layout by offering privacy to the bedroom.  The lack of walls and corridors flood the apartment with daylight. The color palette, white, turquoise, emerald, was defined by a necklace with colorful beads which is very dear to the owner, as it reminds her of the colors of the Ionian sea.

This small apartment now turns inward, with bright sea colors and warm materials. It is comfortable, pleasant and fresh. It is designed and equiped with attention to detail and can respond to the needs of a small family, a couple or a single occupant with a long or shorterm lease. Let alone the fact that no one will guess its real size!

Selected furniture and objects from myran Scandinavian Design


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