Pergola, Athens

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  • Pergola detail
  • View of the pergola
  • View of the pergola
  • View of the pergola
  • View of the pergola with tent
  • Pergola detail
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  • Presentation collage

This pergola is located in one of the most beautiful terraces in downtown Athens, thanks to the owner’s love for gardening and her distinct sense of style. In a space that is coated with the residents’ personalities, as architects we welcomed the challenge of introducing a new object that would not clash with the existing aesthetics, but at the same time would offer something new and unexpected.

Eventually, the element that sparked our narration was the other owner’s iconic moustache which, with a leap of imagination, we saw displayed on the iron railing of the external staircase located in the terrace.

The pergola serves a dual function: on the one hand it holds a tent for shading and on the other it creates a grid for climbing plants through cables in tension. The black steel structure ties both with the existing staircase and with the wrought-iron outdoor furniture. The columns retreat from the corners of the pergola and are integrated into already existing objects in the terrace. They allow movement while also leaving the view unobstructed. The end result, although at first glance appearing to have always been there – more so as it is already «occupied» by the climbing plants- encompasses a lightness lent by the clients’ subtle sense of humor.


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