Apartment, Athens

  • The entrance and the kitchen
  • The dining space, the kitchen and the entrance
  • The kid's bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen
  • The kid's bedroom with the sliding door
  • The bathroom with the external sink
  • The living room seen from the master bedroom
  • The living room seen from the master bedroom
  • The master bedroom
  • The master bedroom
  • Floor material detail
  • During construction
  • The apartment before the renovation
  • Various interior elevations

Our first contact with the project took place one spring morning in the flowered streets of Plaka. First we met the owner. She was cheerful, colorful, enthusiastic and full of personality. The apartment, on the other hand, was quite disappointing, half of it completely boring and the other half, a total building site. She told us she wanted to fit two bedrooms, a living room, a dining space, a kitchen and a comfortable bathroom in the 50 sq.m. of her property, all that with the minimum amount of interventions, very quickly and with a touch of luxury. With these words, she gave us the key and disappeared! How could we possibly fit such a large program without losing the openness and spaciousness we envisioned there on our first visit? We decided to create spaces which flow into one another, avoiding corridors and rooms. We only enclosed the bathroom, where we placed a large shower and the toilet. The second bedroom, quite small in size, was designed as a raised wooden platform with a double bed and a large semi-transparent door which, when open, disappears behind the wall and unifies it with the rest of the apartment. Still how could we brake the monotony and introduce more daring and playful elements? The kitchen, visible immediately upon entering, became the canvas of an “explosive” color scheme combined with old and new materials. The burgundy color emerged from the existing terrazzo floor, which we restored and filled in carefully, where needed, with marble and polished concrete of the same color. Pink was used to coat various surfaces and knobs and yellow to delineate door frames. As for luxury? The exotic pink/burgundy marble of Ritsona was called in to dress sensually counters and niches. When we presented the owner with the finished project, we noticed with joy that now, it fitted her like a glove!

Watch here the sunny NeverTooSmall video featuring the project!


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